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I am living a dairy-free lifestyle and have been for a few years now. I was originally diagnosed as a child but my parents thought that I would grow out of it if they kept giving me milk products anyway. So when I was rediagnosed in my late twenties this wasn’t a surprise to them. Though it did come as a revelation to me!

I have had eczema all my life and it is largely under control. I have managed to identify some of my eczema triggers, which I can actively avoid. These include harsh sulphate detergents in beauty products as well as dairy. It is interesting that since turning to a dairy-free diet, my eczema has been much easier to manage and I have had many months without any flare ups. I do notice that my eczema returns when I am stressed which is such a variable factor that can be outside of my control. I have learnt to live with my eczema and turn to some favourite products to manage my flare ups when I need to now.

I thought it might be useful for you to understand a bit about my beauty profile. I have followed lots of blogs over the years and sometimes I have found it useful to know a bit more about the blogger(s) in question so that I can decide if a product is going to work for me. Each person’s needs differ and I strongly believe that it is always worth testing something out and doing careful research before committing to something new.



  • dry on cheeks
  • dehydrated all over
  • some old scarring
  • a few thread veins
  • some open pores around my nose
  • mild t-zone issues


  • prone to peeling and splitting

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