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seven seas simply timeless cod liver oil capsules

I have always been a believer that good skin, hair and nails are not just about what products I put on them. When I embarked on this trial with the newly rebranded Seven Seas Simply Timeless, I was pretty confident that this would make some sort of difference to my skin, hair and nails as they always seem to respond to multivitamins and changes in my diet. I wasn’t sure whether a few months would be long enough to see any changes in my appearance or wellbeing generally with just one capsule a day. The first hurdle was remembering to take them daily so I had to build up a routine by taking them with breakfast after setting a reminder on my phone. After a few weeks, this habit seems to stick quite well so the reminder wasn’t needed so much.

As part of the rebranding of this range from Seven Seas, they also launched a campaign about people living their #TrueAge. I knew that there would some lifestyle things that I could do to support to my body as I get older yet not compromise on the kind of life that I want to lead. This campaign isn’t about subscribing people to one way of living; this is about living life to the full (whatever that means for you) and using Seven Seas Simply Timeless to support your body’s needs. It makes sense to me given how I know that my appearance and wellbeing are affected by my diet and lifestyle very quickly.

seven seas simply timeless cod liver oil benefits

The pledges that I made to myself for this campaign and the trial was to drink more water and to reduce my meat consumption over the course of this year. I think that these are two simple things that I can actively choose to do every day with little effort. Drinking more water is easy by taking my Bobble bottle with me everywhere. And I have been eating more fish and less meat and on many occasions been eating a completely plant-based diet. It’s been a case of taking the opportunities as and when they arise, to eat new and interesting things that don’t contain meat. I’m seeing this as a personal challenge to experience more foods in new ways.

I know that Seven Seas Simply Timeless is designed to support my body as I get older with a great mix of marine fish and cod liver oil. The range also includes vitamin D, which is really helpful as I am one of many people in the UK who are vitamin D deficient. However, things that been particularly challenging for me with this trial for various reasons. My personal health has led me to have had enforced rest as well as a daily cocktail of medication since the very start of March. I hurt my back around five years ago and at the end of February, I had a particularly bad episode leaving me in a hospital several times in the past few months. The suspected nerve damage in my neck from this episode resulted in the loss of the use of my left arm and hand and I have constant pain leaving me unable to perform normal everyday tasks. This has placed my body under strains that perhaps have changed the way the Seven Seas Simply Timeless trial would have turned out for me personally. But I am happy to report back nevertheless as I feel this gives a picture of the contribution that the daily intake of marine oil, cod liver oil, vitamins E and D has had under exceptional circumstances.

the ting thing seven seas simply timeless true age campaign

I went for a hair consultation with Bad Apple Hair a few weeks ago and my hair was in good condition when assessed. Despite not having a cut for a few months, my hair seemed to be doing well and it has been growing at a pretty healthy rate despite what my body has been going through recently. The only downside is that my hair is now in the awkward stage of growing out my long bob and I can’t visit the hairdressers just yet to get it seen to. Any tips to help me deal with the annoying in-between stage of hair growth would be greatly appreciated.

Unusually I have not had my eczema flare up at all although I am stressed and have been in ongoing pain. My eczema is generally a good indicator of when I am run down so I have been surprised that it has not made an appearance. I know that the regular intake of fish oils and vitamin E can have a positive impact on dry skin as a rule so this tiny capsule may have been contributing to keeping my skin in check these past few months. This might seem insignificant but any eczema sufferer can tell you how the vicious cycle of stress and eczema flare-ups can be particularly frustrating. It also affects my confidence when my eczema is bad so having it under control has many benefits for me both physically and mentally.

the ting thing seven seas true age simply timeless campaign

My general wellbeing has been poor admittedly and I have had many days when I have been unable to move very well or eat full meals due to my pain. I guess that taking a supplement when my body has really needed the help has most probably been good to do. Though I expect that taking Seven Seas Simply Timeless would be extremely more effective as part of a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. The stress and poor nutrition that my body has been through recently aren’t ideal circumstances for a trial of this sort but I wanted to share my experience with you. This has probably a tougher test than was needed! I will continue to take these capsules as I think that they do have some benefits to my appearance and wellbeing. I will be picking up my next bottle from Boots┬áto take advantage of their 3-for-2 offer.

If you want to find out more about the new Seven Seas Simply Timeless rebrand or the #TrueAge campaign, then take a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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