A Mermaid Massage with Lava Shells

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I love having regular massages as they help to work out the stress that I carry in my shoulders and back. When I was invited to the Treatment Rooms by Shared Beauty Secrets to experience a lava shell massage, which is their speciality.

The Treatment Rooms are within an unlikely building on Church Road and I wasn’t sure that I had reached the right place when my Uber driver dropped me off. But this building houses leisure facilities including a pool and sauna that guests to The Treatment Rooms can enjoy.

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The treatment began with me filling in a consultation form and chatting through any contraindications that might affect the treatment. Then Veronica showed me the different scented oils that they use during their massages. I was asked to smell each one and select the one that I was most drawn to.

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The oils used for their treatments are from the Kokolokahi brand, which was developed to enhance the Lava Shells and Molten Lava Stones massages that Shared Beauty Secrets offer. The oils are blends of essential oils on a base of coconut, argan and shea oils so I knew that they would be nourishing for my dry skin as well as providing aromatherapy benefits during my treatment. I was drawn towards ‘Revive’ which had the uplifting properties of grapefruit and geranium combined with lavender, so this was the oil that we chose.

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During my massage using the ‘revive’ oil, the lava shells got quite hot. I was surprised that these self-heating shells could get so warm and stay so hot during the massage. The lava shells were smooth and felt comfortable against my skin despite their heat. I think this was helped by the Kokolokahi oil that was used.

At the end of the lava shell massage, I felt really relaxed and my muscles felt like they had been kneaded expertly. I’d never had a full body massage using hot stones or lava shells before so this was a lovely experience. I didn’t find it uncomfortable with the lava shells and thought that the heat that they added to my massage was great at getting my muscles to relax and for getting the nourishing oils into my skin too. I will be booking back in for another massage as I think that this is a great treatment to complement the rehabilitation that I’m undergoing for my trapped nerve.

The Treatment Rooms, Audley St George’s Place, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3SH. Tel: 01215160854

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