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great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon solihull great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon solihull west midlands

The next step in my hair journey this year has been to go for extensions so I have more hair to play with when it comes to my colour and styling. I have asked on social media for recommendations and Great Lengths hair extensions proved to be very popular. It turns out that two of my friends could personally vouch for Great Lengths hair extensions from their own experiences, which was a good enough endorsement for me.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon before

So I was booked in for a consultation with Paula at Aesthetics to find out more about Great Lengths and to see what kind of looks I could achieve with them. Aesthetics are an award winning salon (and they’re Salon of the Year Finalists at the British Hairdressing Business Awards 2017) as well as being one the Great Lengths gold standard salons in my area so I knew that I would be in good hands with them.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon before front great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon before back

The consultation was straight forward with just one form that I needed to fill in. We discussed style, length and colour and planned when I would be returning for the fitting.

The fitting was combined with a colour and cut so we could blend my current lob and hair colour with the Great Lengths hair extensions for a seamless finish. It’s important to remember to factor this time and cost into your appointment as it will give you a really great result.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon clarifying shampoo great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon before extensions blow dry great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon before extensions blow dried

First, my hair was washed by Demi using a shampoo that preps the hair and made it feel really tangly. My hair was then blow dried straight and Paula got to work applying 150 extensions to my hair in the shade pastel silver.

After taking my hair from its virgin dark brunette state to bright lavender (you can read about that here), I am keen to keep playing with other fashion colours for a while. Especially as I had already put my hair through so much processing with the bleach, I want to continue experimenting with temporary fashion colours until I get bored. Thankfully Great Lengths hair extensions are available in fashion colours and as they are made from 100% ethically sourced human hair, they can be dyed and styled as if it were my own hair.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon clagel manicure products

Whilst I was having my extensions fitted, I had my first experience of Calgel overlays* with Zoe. I was fascinated at how this was applied using a brush and the gel polish came from a pot, not a bottle. We went for the shade Ruby Rush, which is a deep red with a subtle shimmer through it. This was cured with a lamp and set completely dry as like any gel nail polish.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon calgel manicure application great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon calgel manicure ruby rush great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon calgel manicure curing

I love the shiny finish and durability of gel manicures so was delighted to find that Calgel doesn’t disappoint. It’s a brand that I’ve wanted to try out so I was pleased to be able to do so whilst getting my extensions applied. I also found out that the salon has beauty therapy rooms, which is great for wedding or holiday prep as all the beauty treatments can be done in one salon.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon application back great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon application side

Originally we had planned to dye my extensions and my natural hair a bright lavender shade again once the fitting was done. However, after having the extensions applied I fell in love with the idea of having pastel silver hair for a short while. So instead we added some highlights to my lob to blend everything together and then added a toner to brighten everything.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon after extensions before toner great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon before toner

Once the extensions were in place I was given the option to trim the extensions to any length that I desired. But I couldn’t resist keeping the length so Paula just tidied up the ends and trimmed everything neatly for me before my hair was curled by Ellie.

great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon after front great lengths hair extensions aesthetics salon after back

I am totally in love with my Great Lengths hair extensions* and have been enjoying styling my hair in lots of different ways that I’ve missed whilst I’ve had my lob. Though after a few days, I think I might need to have a few inches taken off the extensions as they are just a little too long to be practical. Thankfully this is easily done and I will probably combine my appointment with another toner for my hair colour too.

Aesthetics Hair and Beauty, 347 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1BQ. Tel: 01217078866

*PR sample. See my full disclaimer below.

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    • Thank you Anosa! I have been really enjoying having my hair extensions. Tx

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    The extensions look great. I love the colour of your hair too. I stick to colours as near my hair colour as possible. Maybe I should try out some new shades.

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