A romantic getaway at The Rutland Hotel Edinburgh

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley reception edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room fireplaceedinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room kitchen area

I love Edinburgh. It is a city that Mr Ting and I have visited previously for our wedding anniversary and we loved exploring different sides to it. On our return visit to this lovely city, we stayed at The Rutland Hotel, which is perfect for a romantic getaway.

The location of this boutique hotel is perfect for exploring Edinburgh city centre by foot, tram, bus or train. There is no need to use a car when in Edinburgh. We travelled by train from Birmingham to Edinburgh and on arrival, we walked easily to The Rutland Hotel down Princes Street.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room lounge area decor

The apartment we stayed in was really spacious and the interior is lovely. The attention to detail and fun in the decor matched the space and splendour of the room’s high ceilings and magnificent large windows. I loved the use of the dark woods against gleaming accents and bright touches of colour. What was even better was that this wasn’t just a case of style, there was substanceĀ as everything was comfortable too. There is nothing worse than a pretty looking sofa only for it to be uncomfortable to lounge or sit on.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room bed edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room bed decoredinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room decor

The bedroom was beautifully decorated with some bright touches of colour and everything was clean and nicely presented. The crisp white sheets of the bed were inviting and it was so good to curl up in bed after each day of exploring Edinburgh.

It was really useful that there were plug points and USB charge points in many locations throughout the apartment so we could charge our devices as we needed. It felt as if the way in which modern guests would use the room was considered when this boutique hotel was designed. Things are convenient, look good enough to Instagram and are functional too.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room free standing bath edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room shower edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room toiletries

I liked that the kitchen was fully stocked with utensils and pans so we could knock up a breakfast or midnight snack if we wanted to. There is a supermarket or two within a few minutes so this was really practical. As we were here for a few days it was tempting to buy supplies and just hole up in the gorgeous apartment and hide away from the world as a couple. I mean the place has everything we needed from a huge comfy sofa to a luxurious free standing bath so deep that it would do justice to a Jo Malone or Aromatherapy Associates bath oil had I brought them with me. Not that I needed to worry about toiletries as the bathroom had generous bottles of Arran Aromatics available for our use.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room coffee machine edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room coffee

The floor to ceiling windows were great at letting in a lot of natural light and even when the skies were cloudy, the room was bathed in light. I liked that the windows opened and we could control the heating so we didn’t have to fuss with air con (or deal with the noise of it). It was nice to sit with a coffee and relax in the lounge area on the giant purple sofa for a while to recover from our long train journey.

The great thing was that despite being on the ground floor and facing the street, the bedroom was at the back away from the street so was very peaceful. We didn’t notice any sounds or disturbances during our stay despite being very near to the city centre and the several bars. You can upgrade to a more spacious room or even a room with a view of the castle if you wish. But honestly, the standard room we stayed in was luxurious.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room windows edinburgh rutland hotel huxley dressing tableedinburgh rutland hotel huxley standard room ghd hairdryer stylers

I particularly loved that there was a proper dressing table with huge mirrors as well as a full-length mirror in the bedroom. There was no fighting Mr Ting for mirror space when we were getting ready to go out at any time. And it really made this apartment feel stylish and comfortable as everything that we needed had been provided. There were white robes, toiletries and even a GHD hairdryer and GHD stylers. I think this is perfect for saving room in my suitcase as I don’t have to worry about packing my hairdryer or straighteners with me for a stay at The Rutland Hotel.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley entrance edinburgh rutland hotel huxley breakfast menus

We did breakfast at The Huxley, which provides the breakfast portion of any bed and breakfast deals if you’re staying at The Rutland Hotel. The menu here is great as there are lighter options as well as more hearty ones. We always plan our holidays and trips around the food that we can eat so we tried not to be greedy as we knew that there was more amazing food to come and we wanted to be able to enjoy everything fully.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley breakfast menuedinburgh rutland hotel huxley breakfast table

The Huxley turned out to be a busy place and there were a lot of people there for breakfast. I don’t think all were from the hotel as it turns out. It seems that this place is popular of its own accord, which is lovely. I think it makes for an even better atmosphere than if The Huxley was only filled with hotel guests. It helps that it has a decent breakfast menu but also becomes a great coffee shop during the day that offers up light lunches and snacks. By the evening time, The Huxley takes on life as a bar with live music and plenty of classic gourmet comfort foods served until late. It’s this ability to offer so much that makes The Huxley a great option even if you’re not staying at The Rutland Hotel.

edinburgh rutland hotel huxley breakfast kippers poached egg edinburgh rutland hotel huxley breakfast poached eggs avocado toast

I think that the chefs at The Huxley know a thing or two about perfectly poached eggs as neither Mr Ting nor I were disappointed by ours. The consistency was great and if I was more dextrous then perhaps I would have managed a Boomerang on my Instagram Story but sadly this wasn’t to be. Besides I was hungry and ready to devour this entire plate.

The Rutland Hotel, 1-3 Rutland Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2AE. Tel: 01312293402

*This was a press trip. See my full disclaimer below.

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