A fresh start with Krups

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Working from home and having my desk in the open plan kitchen-living room means that I am in a strong committed relationship with my kettle. I make various teas throughout my working day and from time to time I treat myself to a coffee. But my dislike for instant coffee means that I usually head out to enjoy an almond milk latte or a soy latte over ice when the weather is warmer. Recently though, we got a Krups coffee machine (the EA8108* in case you’re interested) and I have been thrilled to discover just how easy it has been to create great quality coffees at home.

krups coffee machine

I want to find some places in Birmingham where I can buy great coffee beans. I used to have a Pact coffee subscription when I needed ground coffee for my French press but I don’t know if it’s the best option for me anymore. I need to investigate this further and experiment a bit with blends. I think it’s particularly helpful to be able to get great coffee beans locally to me as Mr Ting doesn’t drink coffee so I don’t know how often I’ll need fresh supplies.

krups coffee machine quarter horse coffee beans espresso

To start with I headed to Quarter Horse Coffee on Bristol Street, as they roast their own blend. I picked up their Dark Horse Espresso as starting point and figure that I can always return to try other blends as I like. Although Quarter Horse Coffee can grind the beans for you for whatever machine you have at home, I could take the beans as they were as the Krups coffee machine I have, will grind the coffee beans on demand.

I have been enjoying making frothy and creamy almond milk coffees at home. I can’t compete with trained and practised baristas but I am enjoying my mornings so much at the moment. It takes only a few minutes to make a fresh milky coffee then I’m at my desk ready to check my emails or on my sofa switching on Audible and getting my colouring book out to ease my way into the day. I know that I am very fortunate with my work that I can have this flexibility. I do recommend getting long life milk as it froths better than the fresh stuff for some reason. Though I’ve been reading with intrigue a number of recipes online for making my own almond milk. I don’t know if this just takes it a step too far for me. I’ll probably have to research this a little more before I try it out.

krups coffee machine soy cappuccino morning caffeine

This past week waking up with my Krups coffee machine has been wonderful because the apartment smells of fresh coffee and this makes me happy. I don’t even have to dress for the outside world before getting a very good caffeine hit and the Krups is so easy to use that I can manage it even on those zombie-like mornings.

With my ongoing problems with my trapped nerve, I did worry about cleaning the Krups coffee machine and whether this was going to be another chore that I needed to add to Mr Ting’s long list. I needn’t have been concerned though as this is so easy that I can manage it with my one good arm. This means that I can use this machine as much as I like without having to worry about tiresome hours of cleaning and maintenance, which is great. We still have a juicer from when we got married nearly nine years ago that has only been used once because cleaning it was such a hassle. I didn’t want this coffee machine to suffer the same sad fate.

I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy having a coffee machine at home until now. I’m practising my cappuccino making skills for when my mother in law visits as those are her favourite. Wish me luck with that.

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  • I don’t drink coffee but it sounds like you have everything you need to create the perfect coffee at home.

    • Yes! I’m obsessed with coffee so this is possibly my favourite kitchen gadget. Tx

  • I don’t drink coffee myself but this sounds like exactly the kind of thing my dad would love x

    • One to put on the gift list for a special occasion! Tx

  • Rachel George

    I love the smell of proper coffee. If I had a larger kitchen, a coffee machine would be top of my list!

    • This is surprisingly compact and even fits in my compact apartment kitchen! Tx

  • Lauretta

    This looks like a great addition to my kitchen and make my morning cuppa coffee.

    • I love a good coffee to start the day! Tx

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    This looks good! My partner would love this as he LOVES coffee 🙂 I prefer machine coffee over instant coffee too

    • Instant coffee is only good in a pinch but I avoid it. Tx

  • I don’t actually drink coffee but sounds like a fab investment for coffee lovers! xo

    • It really is. It’s much better quality coffee. Tx

  • Beach Hut Cook

    We have a Jura coffee machine which we bought in Germany when we lived there. It’s a bean to cup which I love. I’m a real coffee fan and love the ritual of it all. Elinor x

    • Bean to cup is the best! Tx

  • This is such an awesome review! I appreciate the amount of detail you put into writing this. Great post! <3

    • Thanks Char! Tx

  • Angela Milnes

    This is absolutely looks good and this will be perfect for me I love coffee so much

    • Me too! Can’t go a day without it. Tx

  • Oooh this looks so good! I have personally never been a fan of coffee but some of my friends and my mum loves it so I think it is always a good idea to have a coffee machine in the house and this one looks lovely! Love the detail in this post!


    • Thanks Abbi! That’s so lovely of you to say. Tx

  • Gareth Torrance

    My wife has been debating getting a coffee machine for the home for ages now (for her – i don’t drink coffee). This sounds like it might be a good one!

    • These are sometimes on offer in John Lewis so worth keeping an eye out if you decide to get one. Tx

  • Mellissa Williams

    This looks like a fab coffee machine – where would we be without our kettles and coffee machines when working from home, eh? Always using mine!

    • I know! Working from home means I love my tea and coffee breaks! Tx

  • Healthy & Psyched

    Ooooh. That coffee looks amazing. I love that you can use real beans rather than those little pods- they’re so wasteful!

    • So true. Though the husband is caffeine sensitive and wants to get a pod machine for decaf. It’s a bit of a bother to have decaf beans from the Krups as I fear forgetting what is in it! Tx

  • Cassandra Mayers

    My Partner is the coffee mad one. He would love this. Looks like it does a really good job.

    • It really does! I think it’s my favourite kitchen gadget now! Tx

  • Rachel In Real Life

    I love coffee. I have a machine that I got in Aldi but I do want to upgrade eventually to a slightly better one. Must admit, I’ve tried almond milk recently and I’m not a fan unfortunately!

    • It’s an acquired taste that’s for sure! Tx

  • I really wish I liked coffee, i can’t even stand the smell x