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Beauty gadgets are everywhere and some of them are really quite pricey. It’s always tough to know whether there is value in making an investment and saving up for the more expensive gadgets and I find myself looking for reviews of beauty gadgets online to see what people’s experiences are. Having used these gadgets for some time (some of them for several years), these are a selection that I think are worth investing in.

beauty gadgets panasonic cleansing brush

When it comes to my cleansing routine I love a good terry cloth flannel as much as the next hot cloth cleanser enthusiast. However, I have been trying out the Panasonic Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Brush* (£149.99) and it was been quite the revelation for me. I always thought that my dry and dehydrated skin wouldn’t benefit from a cleansing brush like this, but actually, this has been brilliant at making my skin look more healthy and radiant. I think the use of this has helped with boosting the circulation to my skin and the time spent using the cleansing brush gives more time for active ingredients in my cleanser to work. I love the fact that there is a warming feature that can be used with balm or oil cleansers to melt away makeup (genius idea) and a brush attachment that creates a light microfoam too.

For me, this is a beauty gadget worth investing in for use a few times a week in place of manual exfoliation with gritty cleansers as it’s more gentle yet thorough. And when I couldn’t use my left hand due to my trapped nerve, I could do this one handed with no lesser results.

beauty gadgets philips sonicare toothbrush healthy white

The only electric toothbrush that I have actually enjoyed using because it works so well is the Philips Sonicare range (from £50). I like the Healthy White model as I like the extra time it provides for a whiter smile. I don’t like my teeth and anything that helps make them look less coffee and red wine stained is always welcomed. I combine the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush with Arm and Hammer toothpaste for extra whitening power.

beauty gadgets illuminage precise touch

Managing hair removal is a personal matter and your mileage may vary when it comes to methodology, time, cost and pain. I have tried many ways at removing the hair on my underarms and my legs when it comes to the warmer months but I think that I’ve finally found the one for me. The Illuminage Precise Touch* (£240) is a home laser device that works to reduce hair regrowth in as little as seven weeks. I initially thought that this would be too time-consuming or fiddly to do, but after a few treatments where I had to really concentrate on what I was doing, this has become really easy.

The Illuminage Precise Touch is great for a range of skin tones and hair colours so it’s worth taking a closer look at this. This beauty gadget works out cheaper to have a device at home for ongoing maintenance rather than booking in for sessions in a salon. Unless you’re very fortunate and find that a course of laser hair removal significantly reduces your hair regrowth rate to the point that top ups can be done just once or twice a year.

beauty gadgets dyson supersonic

I am a huge fan of my Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer (£299), which was the most generous birthday gift from my mother-in-law last year. This is the best hairdryer that I have used and I don’t think that I could use any other now. When I travel or visit my family and I’m forced to use something other than the Dyson Supersonic, I am truly saddened. Yes, I know how over dramatic and spoilt that makes me sound. But I urge you to head to your nearest Selfridges or John Lewis to get your hair blow dried with the Dyson Supersonic by one of their stylists and see the difference for yourself.

Note that I have been enjoying this hairdryer even more now that I have taken the power and heat settings down a notch. I just don’t work fast enough for the Dyson’s top settings and always end up a bit knotted if I use the highest settings.

beauty gadgets GHD hair styler

My final beauty gadget that is worth investing in has to be GHD hair stylers. Since switching to GHDs about nine years ago, I have not looked back. They have outlasted and outperformed any other hair straightening or styling device that I have ever owned. I am pretty sure that the technology in my current GHD stylers is obsolete given the advancements that have been made with fancy new plates, hinges and temperature sensors. However, they refuse to let me down and I won’t be sending these to the tip until they fail.

What beauty gadgets do you think are worth investing in? Let me know as I’m always looking for advancements in beauty technology that I should be trying out.

*PR sample. See my full disclaimer below.


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