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stationery week desk essentials

Since hurting my back in February, I have been struggling to work at my old desk so we got a sit-stand desk from Ikea. It is brilliant as it means that I can move it to suit me when I feel well enough to work. My neck and arm pain prevent me from working great lengths of time and I have to maintain a disciplined approach of working little and often whilst I am rehabilitated after my back injury. To keep me inspired when working I surround myself with pretty things on my desk and for stationery week I’ve added a few things from Nest to personalise my workspace and make it feel like home.

stationery week nest plants hourglass

The plants that I keep on my desk all have some personal significance. When Mr Ting and I married we had roses and orchids as our wedding flowers so I have a small potted rose and an orchid on my desk. I love the concrete style planter that my rose plant lives in and it has inspired me to add some more grey to my interior. My new desk chair from, suitable for my petite frame, has been ordered in a cloud grey. I can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can complete my workspace.

I keep a couple of bamboo stems on my desk as my parents always have them in their home so this reminds me of them. It’s a little way of keeping my family with me when they live so far away. I could keep photos but I seem to be very much out of the habit of printing them, which is a bit of a shame. Perhaps this is something for me to look into but in the meantime, the use of these plants works for me as a way to make me think of happy memories.

stationery week nest hay tom dixonstationery week nest

There’s something lovely about finding some new notebooks and pens to help me feel revitalised when it comes to organisation and planning, for both my blog and personal life. I am a list writer. I do it almost compulsively when I need to keep track of things or just to capture my ideas as they come fleetingly into my overworked brain. I feel that functional stationery that looks pleasing is great for making boring tasks seem more exciting. I know that this is very shallow but anything to make admin better so pretty notebooks are my weakness. I prefer slim notebooks like exercise books we used to have at school. I find them unfussy as they lack a clumsy ring binder to get in my way and they are small enough to slip into handbags where necessary for meetings. Also, that lovely glossy paper inside is just waiting for me to write and draw all over it.

I do have a bullet journal that I tried to use for a while and it’s something that I pick up from time to time as I do find it useful. I like to use it for blog and life admin rather than for daily work tasks. There is something about my bullet journal that makes me want to keep it neat so rulers can be so useful. I use them for maintaining a level of tidiness when drawing margins and grids. Isn’t this gold Tom Dixon ruler just so pretty? I love how precise and slim it is and it doesn’t hurt that it looks so pretty on my desk.

stationery week nest hay tray

As part of my new desk set up, I have also tried to stay tidy. I have this lovely tray that I have been using to keep my clutter in. It’s an attempt to stop me from leaving everything scattered all over my desk and to make it easier for me to find things when I need them. Of course, lip balm has to be a permanent resident on my desk as I can’t manage the day without a few reapplications. From time to time my pain medication gets thrown into this tray alongside my rings when my fingers swell. It is not so much fun living with pain.

It’s weird how excited I am about having my desk fully customised to suit my frame and working needs. I would love to be back at work full time but for now, I have to go on the advice of my doctors complete my rehabilitation first. Let me know your favourite places to buy stationery and desk supplies as I’m always after good places to browse and shop from.

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