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I am a beauty addict but I am also a lazy one from time to time. ImPress Nails are a really quick and easy way to add some colour and fun to hands when time is short. I recently found myself standing in Boots in Liverpool Street Station stuck on what to do about my nails. I didn’t have much time and I needed something quick to use to make my nails look groomed and chic quickly. Stick on nails have not been on my radar for years but on this occasion I thought that it would be worth a look.

There are so many designs now from the simple to the more elaborate. There are Impress Nails to help you cheat nail art or a fancy manicure so at £8.99 I thought this was good value. I was lucky enough to be sent some more to try at home so I could have a play with other designs from the ImPress Nails range.


Each pack comes with 24 nails so you can mix and match to find the perfect fit. And the glue that is used is waterproof so not only do you get a great looking manicure, you know that the nails will stay securely fixed. I love how there are different designs and finishes including a gel shine range so you could cheat the look of a salon gel manicure.

These have been really easy to use and so quick to apply. I have quite long nail beds so for me these only just fit over my nails when they are short. I file my nails to shape then start the process of applying the nails. It takes a while to find the right size of false nail for each of my nails so I arrange them neatly in order so I don’t get confused later. Then it’s a simple case of application. Firstly prep the nail surface, then remove the clear tab, firmly apply the nail and press repeatedly until secure.

impress-nails-press-on-sparkly-party-pink-glitter-demo impress-nails-press-on-sparkly-party-pink-glitter


Wearing these are fine for a day or two but after that I start to struggle. Firstly I don’t think that the curve of these nails fit my natural nails very well because they start to lift and snag on hair, jumpers and anything else my hand waves past. Secondly, the thickness of these nails makes my nails look and feel very ‘fake’, which I get that they are. I guess I was hoping that the nails would be more imperceptible than this.

My final issue with these are that they were a bit of a pain to remove. I had to soak my hands in warm water then lift the edge of the nail with an orange stick repeatedly to soften the glue. This took a while to do despite the nails having lifted from my natural nail. I have to note that there wasn’t any damage to my natural nails, which is great.

I think these would be great for anyone who fancies cheating fancy nail art, or getting some quick colour on their nails before an event without the time for a professional manicure. Be aware though that these nails are not really reusable from my experience. On removal, a few of the nails warped so couldn’t be reapplied. But given that these are a fraction of a salon manicure I think that’s fair enough.

Have you tried ImPress Nails before? What do you think to their designs? Tweet me and let me know.

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